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  • Hello Donnie,
    I've finally retired and want to start the Blandford build. I am currently using my wife's laptop in order to acces the files but I am receiving a page not found message. Were the files updated and sent to a new site? How will I be able to access them? Would you be so kind as to resend me another link in order to retrieve them? Many thanks in advance.

    Hello Donnie, While I am currently stationed in Germany until I can get back to San Antonio in April 2019, I'd like to view the plans of the HMS Blandford. If you'd be so kind as to send me a link to view them I'd be the happiest Soldier in Germany. Many thanks in advance, Ray.
    Hi Donnie I am very interested in the HMS Blandford Project. I want to build 1/96version. so please let me in and send me the plans
    Thank you for the reply to part 3.
    When I now go to the alerts I can not open the previous message; how do i get to the plan page?
    old timers kicking in
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