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  • Good Morning Mike,
    I am having issues getting to the Blandford pdf files. Would you be able to resend me the Blanford access page information? Many thanks in advance.

    I know the Pinta is not a latin rigged vessel but is very similar to the Nina which was originally built as such. Hence the first question. Did you drafted your own plans? If you did I would like very much if there is a book of reference from which I can do the same for a latin rigged caravel.

    May you have a great day, Mike.

    Hi Argat1,
    I used the book ‘The ships of Christopher Columbus’ by Xavier Pastor for the reference material for my drawing and build of the Pinta. You can search the web for lateen rigged ships and adapt what you find to the Pinta.
    Good day to you, Mike41. Zoltán from the Ships of Scale forum on Facebook gave me the link to your postings about the Pinta caravel here so I joined and thus I'm writing to you with some questions on that regard. First of all I have never built a ship other than kits but now I want to escalate to a higher level of skill and a caravel seems a good option for several reasons but especially because I like latin rigs.
    Ante lo expuesto anteriormente, te consulto si puedo alterar tu idea de proyecto. Cuento con los planos del Brandford completo de la nave y no pasar a llevar tu consepto planteado.


    R. Ramos A
    Hola Mike

    , Estoy trabajando con la sección del Brandford, ya que es mi inicio en naves en base a planos, anteriormente solo arme Kit y creo que había que subir un peldaño mas en esto del mendelismo y en especial a tu proyecto, ya que una sección tiene todo los desafíos de una unidad completa, para iniciarse, a lo especifico, es que quisiera hacer esta sección con el mástil de Mazana seco completo.
    Hola Raul,
    Si desea hacer adiciones a su modelo es perfectamente aceptable. Este ejercicio es una versión simplificada del Blandford como una introducción al proceso de la construcción del rasguño un tablón en modelo del marco. Puede personalizar su modelo tanto como desee. Que te diviertas.
    hi Mike

    so I have these molds for the cannons for the Brandford and a bunch of cast cannons also a bunch of laser cut carriages. These were for the bomb vessel but they are way to big for that model.

    I was wondering what to do with these if you were going to create a kit or maybe sell the cannons or put them on the SOS site

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