Help: Registering / Login / Forgot Password

Help: Registering / Login / Forgot Password
Registering and Logging In

1. Click on Register

2. Fill in "username", "email", and "password", click on I am not a Robot.

3. This page will return in your Browser with instructions !

4. You will get an EMAIL that says
"You will need to confirm your EMAIL by clicking on the link below !

5. You will get another EMAIL pending Admin Decision.
Even though your "Username" appears at NAV BAR, you still can not use Forum
until your account is fully activated.

6. Your Last EMAIL will be that your account is activated and you
can use the forums now !

7. At Home screen top right corner is the LOGIN button. CLick to login.

8. Fill in your username or email, and your password.

9. If you forget your password, go back to the LOGIN and click
on "Forgot your Password ?"

10. Then use this form to recover your password.

11. When you usually click on "I am not a robot" you must check
off the squares relating to the object requested.

12. Now it is time to click on the "Reset" button.

13. After you click on "Reset", you are prompted with a message that a
password request has been EMAILED to you. Check your EMAIL and even your
SPAM folder to make sure you recieve it.

14. This is a typical INBOX response.

15. When you open your email, this is the message. Click on the
reset your password button.

16. Immediately, this is the screen for you to SAVE your new password. You MUST
SAVE your response. Then you will be taken back to forum, where you can log in again.