The Lumberyard Sponsorship Program

Sponsorship Program hosted by The Lumberyard
The Lumberyard Sponsorship Program

If you are a hobby shop, kit distributor, kit manufacture, a private individual a donation of a kit or service to the program will give a builder the opportunity to build the model as well as the sponsor will benefit from a graphic sponsorship logo which will appear on the bottom of the builders posts as a “sponsored by”. The program is a win, win for everyone as the builder your build is being supported by a sponsor and for the sponsor your getting the exposure and advertising showing the modeling community your willingness to support and advance the hobby.
As for Ships of Scale[1] and the model building community at large the program’s goal is to advance the hobby through better build logs, introduction to skilled individuals and businesses.
Each and every sponsored build is custom designed to meet the needs of the builder. For example a builder selects a project but has no means to draw or laser cut a set of bulkheads someone can step up and say I can do that for you, or a builder needs rough lumber or milled planking again a sponsor can step up and provide it. A sponsor can step up and say you build the hull and I will provide a carved figurehead or fittings or a set of cannons. A project that might never get built is now possible with the help and support of the sponsorship program. This will also give the incentive for builders from beginners to master builders to apply.

Therefore: In order to promote and advance the hobby of model ship building Ships of Scale[1] has created a sponsorship program with cooperation with "The Lumberyard" to help builders with our products and services for their building project.

The Lumberyard Sponsorship rules , obligations and qualifications:
It is obvious Ships of Scale[1] (SOS) cannot ask sponsors to support just any builder or select builders at random. We are quite aware of the fact best intensions sometimes go astray as life situations often arise nor can a kit or product be handed out and the builder is never heard from again.

  1. An applicant must first meet a required trophy point number to show they take an active interest in the hobby in general and a member in good standing at SOS. This is to weed out fly by night builders who might take advantage of free stuff and run with it.
  2. An applicant must have at least one build log
  3. A builder must take on a sponsored project equal to their skills. A first time builder can not take on an advanced kit.
  4. Terms of the sponsorship are between the builder and sponsor. SOS takes no responsibility of materials, quality of said materials, content of the build log or quality of the build. SoS acts as a mediator for hosting such sponsored builds.
  5. A sponsorship project can fully be supported by the sponsor or any part of the build. Cost of materials and shipping cost are between the sponsor and builder as well as discounts on products.
  6. Should a builder default on the build all reimbursements to the sponsor for expenses.
  7. Depending on the project, there is a reasonable time limit of completion. The Sponsor shall set the limits.
  8. A Message Count Minumum of 100
  9. A Trophie Points or "Points" of a Minimum of 50
  10. Moderators and Administrators are exempt from these regulations
  11. The Sponsor has the right and duty to screen a potential builder if need be.
  12. Any other element of process that falls outside of these requirements are to be at the discretion of the Sponsor to make a final judgement (i.e., requesting to terminate a build log either from Builder, or the Sponsor can request that a Build Log be terminated, or any other matter that arises is at the descretion of the Sponsor)

Below is the Logo that will remain in your signature until your Build is completed, then the logo will be transferred to your Build Log. The Admin will perform the logo insertion.

[1] Ships of Scale (SOS) © 2018 is not and will not be benefiting financially from this particular Sponsorship Program other than promoting the hobby. Any financial concerns that arise are between the Sponsor "The Lumberyard" and the Model Builder.