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    Ships used as POWDER HULK - constructional changes in drawings

    A very interesting topic and so many ships ended up like this or as prison hulks. As the saying goes - How the mighty are fallen.
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    How did you find Ships of Scale forum?

    I googled model ship building sites because I was just starting out, had a close look at the ones that came up and plumped for SoS because it appeared to be the best for a host of reasons. It still is.
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    Naval Museum Venice (2018) images by Martin Hronsky

    Excellent photos, thanks for posting them.
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    1900 Member Mark !!!

    It is a sign of the times (and not a good one) that people get a keyboard in front of them and think they can say whatever they like, no matter how rude or offensive it is, and some of what I read on the internet makes my blood run cold. We have a saying in Yorkshire - if tha''s now nice ter...
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    Purchased shortly ago / sthg new in your workshop -> present it here

    Which hint, Uwe - the wrist band or pretending to know Deadpool?
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    The Mary Rose

    Back at the bench after a great Christmas, hope you had a good one, too. The wales are now finished - Next job will be to line the gunports, so I am pre-painting some 0.5mm strip in preparation. I now have my laptop back which has been wiped and reloaded, so I can get back to finishing the...
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    HMS Surprise 1/48 scale built by neptune

    She's looking great and thanks for the soldering tip, soldering is not one of my strongest points and that will help.
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    Purchased shortly ago / sthg new in your workshop -> present it here

    Santa brought me an unexpected gift - a magnetic wrist band. It's for general DIY, but equally useful for shipbuilding. If like me you put small drill bits etc down and then the elves spirit it away you might also find it useful. I have been using it this week and it works out great, but...
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    Black Pearl By ZHL build

    I admire anyone who works on more than one model, but for me I just can't to it. True, I may duck around between jobs/stages of the process, but all my focus goes into the one build. As the saying goes - Different horses for different courses.
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    A fellow Yorkshireman is always welcome!
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    Mantuna 1/200- Hms Victory- Planking- Help

    I have only one thing to add to the excellent response above and that is that I heat bend a lot of planks dry ( i.e unsoaked) if the bend is not too severe. What you have done so far is looking good, stick with it!
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    My Mom

    Sounds very much like the road I also travelled and my thoughts are with you.
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    Thank you

    I for one would be very interested in seeing that diorama come together and hope you can start a log to keep us posted. Cheers.
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    Fresh out of the Hospital

    Good to have you back. Just be careful around sawdust for a while until you are 100%.
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    Merry Christmas

    Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a happy and peaceful New Year. Special thanks and regards to the Administrators who work hard on our behalf to make this the best forum on the web - thanks guys and we won't mind if you take a day off on the 25th.
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    Interesting TV Programme

    I agree, Uwe. It is the fighting ships which always take centre stage, but it was the trading ships which were the unsung heroes. Modern techniques reveal a fascinating insight into their voyages and trade links which were far wider than we expected.
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    Hermione Lafayette by Artesania Latinia 1:89 Scale

    When I built HMS Snake I fitted and rigged all the cannon, then found that a couple of belaying pin rails were a real pain to fit with the cannon in place and it took me ages. I respectfully suggest you have a close look at the rigging plans and check the tie-off points on the bulwarks - just...
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    Interesting TV Programme

    Just watched an interesting programme on PBS entitled The Mysteries of a Mediaeval Ship about a ship found in the mud at Newport, Wales, UK. She was built in the 15th century and it is a good detective story around where she was built, her structure and who owned her during the turbulent period...
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    If you can open up a build log I am sure we can help you if you can include some photos. I am sure we all struggled with similar problems on our first build, so seeing how you are going about it will help us help you. For example, are you working from bow to stern for every plank? Are you...
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    The Mary Rose

    Thanks, guys, for your likes and for following this log. Time to fit the wales, three in total. Lower wale first - Then the upper - The plate around the anchor cable hole (the red bit) is then fitted because the third and middle rail fits up to the edge of it. Since the real bow is...