17th century

  1. Broadsides

    Airfix ROYAL SOVEREIGN 1:168 -Modified

    Recently I introduced the 1:144 scale WASA kit that was published by Airfix during the 1980s. It was one of my favorites in their sailing ship series; and one which I wanted to bring to another level due to its detail. With research (and patience), I was able to convert this plastic kit into a...
  2. flying_dutchman2

    Boyer 1:48 - 17th Century Dutch Coastal water freighter

    Scratch built from book: 17th century Dutch merchant ships by A. J. Hoving, C. A. Emke, H. Tomesen and E. Hoving.

    La Couronne Corel/scratch 1:100 First build [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hello everyone! Like my father before me, I sailed merchant ships as an Engineering Officer, and have always loved square riggers. After eight years living aboard ship, seawater still flows in my veins twenty-five years later. I built several plastic ones as a boy, and now am returning to the...