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    HMS DIANA 1794

    这就是我在做什么。这也是中国的一套,但我用梨木代替了所有木头。我做了自己的零件 google translation: This is what I am doing. This is also a set in China, but I replaced all the wood with pear wood. I made my own parts
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    HMS Diana 1:64 scale from JoTiKa

    These photographs show my completed model of HMS Diana from JoTiKa. This is my first foray into a large kit build after a small scratch-built galleon I completed at school 50 years ago. This model took me 3 years to complete and I loved every minute of it. I thought I'd mount the model on a...
  3. HMS Diana Caldercraft

    HMS Diana Caldercraft

    WIP Forecastle cannon ball missing