french corvette

  1. archjofo

    La Créole 1827 by archjofo - Scale 1/48 - French corvette

    Hello, up to now I have also been represented in other forums. Due to the fact that many excellent model builders also present their building reports here, I have decided to show my building report on the model of the La Créole here in the future. At the end of this thread I will show you a...
  2. Giampy65

    L'Amarante - French corvette from 1747 scale 1:30

    I started building this French corvette in April 2013, using Gerard Delacroix's excellent monograph. For its construction I used pear, ebony, Brazilian boxwood and maple wood for the decking. The model is currently still to be finished as I intend to set it up with its complete sailing...