king of mississippi

  1. B

    King of Mississippi riverboat - Artesania Latina 1/80 Scale

    Here, on the fifth day, is the state of my new boat. Today I will finish glueing the starboard bulkhead and glue on the port bulkhead. I am using Elmer's white glue and sometimes a spot of cyano to hold the pieces in place. I never did that while building airplanes, because all materials...
  2. thegrindre

    Kit-Bashing the King of the Mississippi Riverboat (7/21/20)

    Hi all, This kit is, Artesania Latina 1/80 Scale, King of the Mississippi. Going to start my build log today but please be forewarned, I'm going to take my time and it may be awhile between photos. At the age of 72 (Never ever thought I'd live this long.) with medical complications I don't...
  3. carlosys

    King Of Mississippi 1:80 AL [finished]

    Hi guys. Taking advantage of these closing days, I am going to collect all the step by step of my Mississippi from Artesania Latina. Forgive the translation but for more comfort I will use Google translate RedfaceRedface The characteristics of the model are well known by all. Its scale is 1:80...