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la belle

  1. yuhong li

    CAF Models 1/48 La Belle

    Hello everyone I am from China and English is not my mother tongue. I am using Google Translate to help me. There may be many syntax errors. Thank you for your understanding. This is my second ship and the first POF model. CAF provides the basic part. I made some modifications based on Ancre's...
  2. Thomas Marocke

    La Belle - Caf Model 1:48 by Thomas Marocke

    Hallo! I want to build a construction Model of La Belle. For this I got the CAF kit. Ancre's blueprints were extremly necessary for the construction. CAF plans are not sufficient. My Workshop. With best regards Thomas
  3. Olivers Historic Shipyard

    La Belle 1/36 - Plan by Jean Boudriot / myself

    This is my first scratch build and there is a lot of things to learn for me. First I mesured the plan a lot of hours to find any mistakes and errors. May last project i canceled because the plan was incorrect and i build the hull with a lot of errors. To avoid the same error i tried to check up...
  4. Koreets

    LaBelle 1:48, chinese kit, another building log

    Hi colls! Decided to introduce my current project - as in the subject. I've started this model long ago, 4 or 5 years ago, AFAIR. Now, from the view of my current experience, I would not even start this model. Several reasons - the scale is too small for me (this is why it is mostly built...
  5. Uwek

    Planset Review: "LA BELLE - 1684" - 20 plates in scale 1:24 / 36 / 48 - by Jean Boudriot

    Planset Review: "LA BELLE - 1684" - 20 plates in scale 1:24 / 36 / 48 by Jean Boudriot translated by François Fougerat left the hardcover book, on the right side the softcover planset the book with planset is available from ancre at a price of 105,- Euro...
  6. Submarinerblue

    La Belle 1/48

    This is going to be a “semi-build” log of La Belle from H4Models, a Chinese company I never heard of before. I call this a semi-build log since I have not been taking photos of every stage of construction and many of those I did take were not intended for posting. I bought the kit on eBay. I was...
  7. A

    LA BELLE 1/48 scale, CAFMODEL plank on frame kit.

    This is CAFMODEL’s La Belle kit in 1/48 scale plank on frame with interior details and rigging. This was one of French explorer Rene Roberts De La Salle’s ships during his exploration of the Texas and Louisiana coast in the 17th century. The lines and proportions of this ship make it look it...