1. Mr.Deep

    Brig Mercury

    He took out another model from his chest.The Russian 20 gun brig "Mercury" 1820. Scale 1:64 .The model is built according to the drawings of the Amati set.I do not promise frequent updates.I'll finish the Mystique first.
  2. Atamini

    HMS Mercury 1/72, Shipyard models

    Hi all, this is my first post in this forum although not my first model. I’ve built a number of ship models in numerous mediums from plastic kits, resin kits, to wooden kits and some scratchbuilt models. The Mercury however is my first card/paper model. After seeing images and some builds of...

    Kit Review:"HMS Mercury the 28-gun frigate 1779" SHIPYARD 1:72 Laser cardboard kit 6

    HMS Mercury The 28-Gun Frigate 1779 SHIPYARD Laser cardboard kit 6 Length of model: 88cm Scale 1:72 Appearance Look Inside Instructions-Accessories-Rigging Guide-Sails-Laser Cut Parts-Mast Materials
  4. I

    brig Mercury

    Construction of the brig mercury model, legend of the Russian fleet
  5. Bonden

    HMS Mercury, 1:72, Shipyard [COMPLETED BUILD]

    I think it's not boring to show the construction of a second Shipyard Mercury here. I'm building this model since February 2014. However, every year is a long break, from April or May to September / October I prefer to enjoy the nice weather outside. :cool: But now, when the evenings are getting...
  6. J

    HMS Mercury 1797 Shipyard 1:72

    This is the build of the HMS Mercury lasercut kit, it will be build in full color. Please bare with me because i`m a slow builder and its not an easy ship.;) What worries me the most is the rigging, i`m a total newby. We`ll see, it is still a long way from now.