1. Recusant

    FREE PDF Booklet on French Frigate

    DOWNLOAD A FREE PDF BOOKLET on the frigate la Renommée/Renown I’ll be closing down my website next week. The free booklet contains the history, commanders, captures, and story of the fastest warship of the mid-1740s, la Renommée. Captured in 1744 and renamed the British...
  2. Charles QC

    HMS Renown Billing Boats kit #604 (Build 2013

    HMS Renown Billing Boats kit #604 (Build 2013) In the mid 1800's, the Royal Navy began to equip its larger men-of-war with so-called steam barges or steam pinnaces. After experiments with a number of different types, 30, 40, 50 and 56 ft boats became most widely used. By the end of the century...
  3. Recusant

    La Renommée frigate info needed!

    Ahoy! If you have any information about la Renommée, the French Frigate of 1744, captured and renamed the HMS Renown, I would like to see it. Go to my website on the ship: and check out the information I currently have. If you're a model shipbuilder, I'd be happy to...