scottish maid

  1. Matthias1231

    Scottish Maid, Aberdeen 1839, 1/50, Artesania Latina

    Hello! This is the build log for my Scottish Maid from Artesania Latina. This is my first wooden ship build. My intention was to someday build the (now discontinued) HMS Surprise in 1/48 from Artesania Latina so I figured buying a smaller model of the same brand that exposes me to planking and...
  2. D

    Scottish Maid by Artesania Latina

    I am currently building the Scottish Maid by Artesania Latina. The step I am having trouble with is the Stern Deck Reinforcments. They are listed as parts 20 , 21. The issues is that I can not find these parts, they are not listed on the High Tech Cut sheet. Any thoughts? David