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Aug 4, 2018

Baltimore, Maryland USA
thanks for the welcome, I did hope to use my real name (Brian) but it said it was in use so as my main pastime is fishing I am now carp!!!
Fishing is also one of my favorite things to do Nothing wrong with Carp. My name is from a past occupation with the USMC MOS 8541 Scout Sniper The name was given to me by my fellow troops because I could hit targets a long ways off. My Name is Joe a pretty popular name and usually taken so Epicdoom is what I always use. Glad you figured out the posting. I always write my text press enter the curser drops one space below the text and I add my picture for that text. from there you just repeat that process. you can go into your Profile under signature and add your name Brian there so it will always display your name automatically with every post.