Book review An introduction to MODEL SHIP BUILDING “DOCKYARD STYLE”" by Adrian SOROLLA translation by GILLES KORENT


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Dec 25, 2017

Vienna, Austria
Book Review:
by Adrian SOROLLA translation by GILLES KORENT (our member @Gilles Korent f.e leading the ShipsofScale group build of the Canoe)

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An introduction to Planked on frame model ship building through more than 200 pages illustrated by approximately 500 color photographs and captions.
This guide includes explanations on all the techniques used during the construction of a model.

available in English language, directly from publisher ancre via

There are also French, Italian or Spanish versions available

The complete construction of the scratch build model of the Le Rochefort, based on a planset by Gérard Delacroix, is shown in this interesting book

Planset-Review here on ShipsofScale:

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It is obvious that building a planked on frame model has always generated a certain amount of respect within the model ship building community: even from experienced builders. Taking on the construction of a first planked on frame model from a set of plans seems daunting. No box of pre-cut pieces, no pre-milled to size lumber in required quantity, no pre-made parts: evidently, all this may seem somewhat intimidating.

If being already familiar in building from kits, the concept of building from plans may be considered as the next logical step. Even if this work may bring us some apprehension, it should not scare us away, as we have already acquired knowledge in model ship building: this is knowledge we can apply through all phases of the construction.

This guide was written to help the modeler through the various stages of construction. As the title indicates, “An introduction to planked on frame model ship building”, this guide will show us through the process of building our first framed model from plans. A fairly easy model to build while having fun and being supported by the numerous photos and extensive captions provided to analyze and explain each step. This guide will introduce the modeler to ship building from plans.

From the first look into the plans, to the completion of the model, which will be a remarkable piece in your collection, this guide covers all phases of the construction.

Although a fairly easy monograph was chosen, the information contained in this guide is such that the explanations can be applied to any other monograph by adapting the advice given and the dimension of the parts needed to whatever project you may take on.

The chapter sequence guides us through the logical construction stages. The different steps are presented while taking into account the fact that not all modelers are equipped with the same tools to fabricate the parts: varying from hand to highly mechanized power tools.

The choice of lumber, the interpretation of the plans, the use of templates to cut parts, wood working techniques, the use of cutting tools, the choice and purpose of different material (brass, ebony, boxwood, lead, tin, etc.) including the steps to follows, everything to build your model is explained in this guide.

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Ch. I Choosing the lumber – First look at the plans, axial timbers
Ch. II The frames
Ch. III Axial structure
Ch. IV Frame installation
Ch. V Closing the front and back
Ch. VI Planking the hold
Ch. VII Fitting the hold
Ch. VIII Deck construction -1
Ch. IX Deck construction -2
Ch. X Planking the hull -1, preparation
Ch. XI Planking the hull -2
Ch. XII Deck furnishings and building the forecastle deck
Ch. XIII The quarterdeck and stern
Ch. XIV Notes on masting, ropes and rigging

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Once more the interesting built model by the author Adrian SOROLLA:

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A very interesting book, showing with a huge number of clear photos the construction and the methods of scratch building such a vessel.
A very good help, especially for the beginner in scratch building, but also for the professional.
In addition, when you plan to build a model of the Le Rochefort, you should have a copy.......