Bonhomme Richard 1/48

Jun 27, 2018

Sorry my friends. This project is a big challenege for everybody. To build the model for me. To read my english for you. I hope you can understand this words and the sense behind it.
I am a beginner and this will be me 2,5 project. My first project, the Gjoa, i finished last month. My second project, the Santa Ana, i have interupted
because i am insatisfated with the orginality from the model. I tried to modifiy the Kit with the orginalplan, baut there are so many errors in the kit.
The plan is now to build a new hull which ibased on the original plan. i think for this step i need more experience, beacause a lot of details, i need to resaerch
and to draw. To learn this step i descide to build ship only from the plan.
I will start the Bonhomme Richard now. This project isnt for beginners, but sometime you need to break the rules to move forward. I will do this now.
But I don´t start with 0. I have a lot of month with reasearch an planing this project. I bought a lot of machines for this project. I tried to learn the theoretical
aspects from this kind of hull construction. What i need is now practice.

In the frist step i milled the first pieces from the keel an i started with the Forefoot an the. Sorry, maybe the term ar´nt correct. I try to learn the correct terms
with the 74-Gun-Ship Book from Jean Boudriot.

The forefoot seem more comlex than he is. Its smole to mill the linear sufaces. The problem are the convex and the concav curves and the fitting between two pieces.
In one or two pieces you have a line and a curve togehter, which is more comlicated. I sand this aras with a paper and a spindle grinder but to get a good result need to much time.
I will try to saw the curves with a little jigsaw. I get the tip from a another forum and seems that this is the way to buuil pieces like this.
So far so good. I hope anybody find this posting interesting and can learn from my failures.

41700976_569177346833790_5822017397397127168_o.jpg 41853864_569177336833791_5128056501767766016_o.jpg
41776437_569496676801857_1743970753281261568_o.jpg 41868381_569496840135174_2359703677221994496_o.jpg
41854132_570020866749438_136027317980889088_o.jpg 41859319_570020910082767_855008236355452928_n.jpg


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Dec 25, 2017

Vienna, Austria
Good luck with your build. I will also be starting this in the new year when I have finished off my current build
Hallo and welcome to our course we can not wait until you start the Bonhomme Richard.......we all hope to see before as apatizer your built of the Jacinthe ;)

Oliver, @Olivers Historic Shipyard ,
any updates of your built? we hope, that you are still working on this model?