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Cleaning CA glue from ropes

Apr 20, 2020

Hello friends... I was rigging my cannons and thought a drop of CA glue will help hold the tackle and breaching ropes in place... The only problem was the glue soaked into the rope and resulted in an ugly smear... Is there any way to clean up the soaked in glue and soften the ropes? Thanks in advance for the assist.PSX_20200722_210931.jpg
Jul 2, 2020

Eugene, Oregon
Acetone will remove it.... best to start over.
Yes to acetone. I kept on empty bottle top and cover to clean out in acetone while using a newer bottle. Now I rotate those as I need to when I can no longer unplut the tip with a T-pin. Back and forth trying to use the entire bottle and not waste anything. I only use the 12-15 second type and have had total failure and frustration with an instant CA. Won't touch it again as I have enough time for the slower drying. Also I use tooth picks to transfer a dab from a CA drop on a post-it to the place where I want that miniscule adhesive to be placed and not overcoat from the bottle directly. I have seen expensive dispesing items in a catalog but don't what to spend the mone for something that I actually don't know how it would work or save in time and efforet. "Stick with it!" ;) PT-2