Unboxing Corel Ponte Berlin SM48 1/25 Scale

Kurt Konrath

Kurt Konrath
Feb 11, 2020

Oklahoma City OK
I recently purchased a kit of ships section or diorama of the Berlin.

This kit is made by Corel of Italy and is catalog # SM48 and is 1/25 scale build of stern deck with helmsman and office on the deck wit one cannon.

Lots of fine details in the build.

I will post photos of the unboxing to show what is in the kit.

This should make a good small build.
Post Card.jpg

Kurt Konrath

Kurt Konrath
Feb 11, 2020

Oklahoma City OK
OK, here goes the kit unboxing

The kit when ordered from eBay showed up about a week later. Cost for me was $35 USD plus shipping of $8.80, good price for a nice size kit.

I got a small box in good condition, no rattling or moving inside the box.
Box 1.jpgBox 2.jpg

Once opened it had a bubble pack with all kits items packed inside for safe shipping.
Box 3.jpg

so now I opened the bubble pack and reveled what was packed inside.
Contents 1.jpg

Inside the bubble pack were two pages of instructions, a bag with wood parts, a bag with small parts and a post card of finished build as an example of how to kit will look when done. Next a breakdown of items.

Wood Package.jpg
The roll of main wood parts shows good quality work with 3-4 different wood types

Parts Package.jpg
The parts bag had three separate bags of item broken out

Parts Wood.jpg
one zip-lock bag of small wooden detail parts

Parts Misc.jpg
A second zip-lock with ropes, pins, blocks, posts and small casting parts

Parts Castings.jpg
Last bag was larger castings to include two crew figures.

Instructions 1.jpg
Here is close up of the kit info from instructions. These are multi-language instructions.

Instructions Page 1.jpg
Sheet 1 page 1

Instructions Page 2.jpg
Sheet 1 page 2

Instructions Page 3.jpg
Sheet 2 page 3

Instructions Parts Listing.jpg
Parts listing

Instructions Text Example.jpg
Close up of one section of instructions, repeated each page in multiple languages

Instructions Jig.jpg
The kit comes with a building jig to get spacing of floor frames and and ships structure properly spaced

Instructions Close UP.jpg
Instructions have multiple full scale views of construction of deck and hull sections.

Instructions Frames.jpg
this shows how deck is a bit above base on kit, with ladder going down below and different heights of hull sections.

One thing I didn't see in the kit were recommendation on size of display base needed for building the kit on.

From setting parts out on my cutting mat, a 9" x 12" wood base of nice wood is needed to display the kit.

Hope you enjoyed this review, I think this kit will be a fun small detailed diorama of workings on the ship.