Seahorse New Design "De Zeven Provincien" 1:100 (scratch)

Jan 20, 2019

Poland, Tobylka
Hello all,

no, no, the ship of "7 Provinces" did not sink :) I just designed and glued "Armed Virginia Sloop" in the meantime, so you understand ...
So I entered the most difficult stage, which is the stern gallery. The most difficult, because I did not glue such twisted "houses".

I started with a simple frame of side galleries and prepared the whole thing outside the model. I find it much easier than working directly on the hull. This stage was not very laborious yet (although the fourth attempt was finaly successful). The galleries received some decorative stripes and a roof made of individual stripes "overlapped". All gaps and unretouched edges will be covered with carvings, so it is so much easier that minor imperfections are acceptable.

The prepared gallery was fitted to the side with the assumption that the rear surface meets the main surface of the entire stern.
On this I mounted the tower (I glued and designed it only twice :) and covered it with a striped roof.

And it's time to close the whole gallery. The strip with windows is 0.5 mm cardboard to give the window frames a little more three-dimensional, to hide and "smooth" the joining of the side galleries and to facilitate the gluing of other indecently bent parts. Below the windows is "slingerlijst", bent and "slanted" in such a complex way that what I was able to design in Rhino has nothing to do with what I was able to stick. But it is there and it does not fall off :) Under the windows (inside) there are narrow arch-shaped ribs, on which the final layer with drawings is supported. And on it, of course, decorative stripes :))) And for everything that has already been done, about 70 sculptures (in words: seventy) will be glued.

Unfortunately, for two weeks I have been looking for an answer to the question: "Why did I make the lower surfaces of the side galleries brown instead of green?" I did not find the answer, but also I do not find enough enthusiasm to do the galleries again just because the color on these parts is incorrect. They should be greenish, but they are not and will stay that way.