Jul 10, 2021

Vancouver Island
I have run across a few occaisions where the fall (I hope that's the right word) of a tackle is to be belayed "to itself". I think I've done that right but most of the tackles need a lot of slack. What do I do with all the slack? There are no belaying pins on the end of the bowsprit.

No, sir. Not to itself. See attached picture.

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Y.T. Excellent diagram. I was going to ask Don how he came up with the rigging setup he has. It would not function being tied around itself. I see a traveller on the jibboom. My Constitution does not have that. I think that is a very nice setup for the sail cringle.
My bad. I took that photo of the easiest tackle to see. That was bad. That is the Outhauler tackle and after seeing YT's picture I took a closer look and yes, it does belay on the forecastle somewhere. I will rerig that. Thanks.
In Lees' "Rigging and Masting........." pg 175 on the belaying points of the Medway most the "falls" say that they belay "to them selves". The ones I was actually working on were the Fore topmast stays. They are just inboard of the outhauler, right above the seats of ease. What did you do with the excess slack there? The Petersson's shows them with the fall belayed to itself but doesn't show what to do with the slack. I'd post a picture of that page but I only have the Kindle version and haven't figured out how to print from it yet.