Flags, Pennants, and Fittings from HiS Model, Czech Republic

Jan 1, 2018

Ramsey, Minnesota, USA
Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share a review of some model fittings I just bought from Beseda Radimir at HiS Model in the Czech Republic.
I purchased a set of pennants for a future build of HMS Sovereign of the seas. Beseda and I exchanged many emails regarding precisely the type of material and appearance of the flags and pennants that I was looking for. He sent me a full set of pennants, several sheets, all in different scales so that I could choose the correct size pennant for my model. He also sent a set of 120 very tiny 3mm hooks, which I ordered for rigging blocks. In addition, he sent samples of other fittings that he stocks, some of which are very small and exceptionally well made.

The samples include:
One 6mm double block of fine grained white hardwood, so detailed that the pulley wheels are shaped as part of the block
One 3mm single block, also of fine grain white hardwood
One 3mm hook, blackened brass, shaped perfectly like the real thing
One 3mm wood deadeye and blackened brass strop, also very finely shaped
One 3mm long eyelet with 0.3mm diameter hole

The quality of these parts meets or exceed the blocks we buy from Falkonet. The pennants are printed double sided on what appears to be very fine rayon cloth, or some such synthetic fabric. The HMS SotS set contained pennants ranging from 60mm long to 230mm long. The images on the cloth match position perfectly back to front. The material is similar to the flags that came with the Corel kit of La Couronne. The lightness of the fabric will lend well to pennants on a scale model. Before cutting out the fabric, I will have to apply CA or some other product at the edges of each print to prevent fraying.

The 3mm blackened brass hooks are all attached to a sprue, and are very thin and fine. The have 0.3mm holes in the eyes. You can't make hooks this tiny with wire. The will go well with 2mm blocks on gun tackles on smaller models like Corel produces. See the pictures of all these items below.

Beseda was very interested in located the right parts I needed for my model and shows great interest in making high quality parts and an affordable price point. I hope you guys support his business.