Forest Gump's 'Jenny' - 1:60 Lindberg shrimp boat conversion

Nov 29, 2016

Atlanta, GA
The minute I came across this kit by Lindberg, I thought how perfect this could be made to look like the Jenny from the movie, forest Gump. After looking at a few movie stills and watching countless times the boat scenes from the movie, I finally completed this build. I started work in March of 2019 and had to step away for several months due to a surgery, but I finally crossed the finish line as of May 25, 2020.
I used some styrene sheet and strips to create my stern wheel assembly, the storage compartment under the exhaust stack and the anchor at the bow. I altered one of the figures from the kit to look like Lt. Dan. I also built up his hair with white glue and used some red string as his headband.
I added the toilet seat, broken chain and crud onto the deck as Gump's 1st attempt to catch shrimp. I added a HO scale barrel and some stacked cans behind the cabin. I also installed a 3mm LED light by EvansDesign to the inside of the cabin. My big achievement was the wheelchair. I totally ruined two attempts t make my wheelchair. My wife offered her talented service and created a wonderful wheelchair of Lt. Dan's that sits at the stern of the boat.
The hulls appearance was created by using sea salt and hairspray while applying layers of paint. Final step was using green weathering powder on the hull to simulate algae buildup. Everything was sprayed with Dullcoat to seal.
The netting was made by dying tulle to a dark green and then sowing 3mm red beads for floats to the seam along the tulle. Chain and line were hooked to the netting doors and attached to the rigging.
All in all, this inexpensive kit turned out to be a real gem. I'm very happy with the way she turned out and I look forward to my next project. Many thanks!!!100876555_1319947894876448_6234085463242571776_n.jpg100073608_1124257901272994_8695925451333304320_n.jpg100741606_289120158919228_5407119021118062592_n.jpg100522515_345821966393710_414973748660142080_n.jpg100657067_270806177618616_7614581449320038400_n.jpg101066927_277434703664022_7217047887811706880_n.jpg100778517_597600564444473_225715748473929728_n.jpg100933515_381668469442330_8578221464564531200_n.jpg100545170_732390134234343_4290458319073574912_n.jpg