Gaining confidence


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Jun 30, 2012

Great Britain
After the initial successes with miniatures, the modeller quickly gains confidence, realising that small models of much larger ships can be built just as easily, although more time is required. Where a model like the Squirrel may only take a few hours to build, large sqare-riggers like the Loch Torridon may take 60 or 70 hours. It soon becomes apparent that it is a very convenient form of ship modelling because it doesn't cost much, doesn't require many tools and, most importantly, doesn't take up a great deal of space. The rigging of large sailing ships is not all that complicated, because each square-rigged mast is almost identical to the others. Also, the hobby becomes self-financing, as the demand for miniatures, especially of merchant ships, is very high amongst collectors on account of each model being unique, and not one of hundreds, or even thousands in the case of Victory, Bounty, Cutty Sark and Titanic! :lol:
This one, the British four-masted barque Loch Torridon was completed some time ago, and is no longer in my possession. Incidentally, I do not take on private commissions - it is only a hobby! :cool: