Graupner closes its doors,filed bankrupcy!!


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Apr 13, 2015

Rather an end with horror than a horror without end. Either way or something like this can be described, what graupner / SJ gmbh announced today by Press Release: the traditional company from kirchheim / teck has filed an application for bankruptcy, will stop business operations. It is said that due to a restructuring of the south korean parent company graupner co., Ltd, the basis for further economic activity is no longer available. This is how production in China will cease, production and development of the core products from the remote control, charging and servo technology segments will take place directly at the headquarters of the parent company near Seoul. " the graupner co., LTD. Will generate completely new distribution channels as part of the restructuring and relocation of production, so that graupner / SJ gmbh in kirchheim will no longer be part of the distribution chain." and without the products of the parent company in the portfolio, the German subsidiary lacks the business basis. "without the delivery of goods / products and the provision of support, Graupner / SJ gmbh has no future anymore", the current press release continues. " Therefore, the high costs existing at the kirchheim site cannot be compensated. In order to avoid a long agony of graupner / SJ Gmbh, Graupner / SJ gmbh has submitted a request for the initiation of the insolvency proceedings due to impending insolvency."

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