Great Lakes museum and historic ships


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Dec 25, 2017

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I found this listing with further information on wiki and wanted to share with you, due to the fact, that a lot of members have maybe the possibility to take a look

This is a list of Great Lakes museum and historic ships, including surviving hulls, museum or historic ships at risk, other surviving historic hulls and notable partial ships.


1 Museum ships and boats, surviving hulls

1.1 Lakers: bulk carriers

1.1.1 SS Col. James M Schoonmaker (Toledo, Ohio)

1.1.2 SS William G Mather (Cleveland, Ohio)

1.1.3 SS William A Irvin (Duluth, Minnesota)

1.1.4 SS Meteor (1896—Superior, Wisconsin)

1.1.5 SS Valley Camp (Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan)

1.2 Passenger-freight steamers

1.2.1 SS Keewatin (Port McNicoll, Ontario)

1.2.2 SS Milwaukee Clipper (Muskegon, Michigan)

1.2.3 MS Norgoma (Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario)

1.2.4 SS Norisle (Manitoulin Island, Ontario)

1.3 Passenger and excursion steamers

1.3.1 SS Columbia (Detroit, Michigan)

1.3.2 SS Ste Claire (Detroit)

1.4 Railroad and auto ferries

1.4.1 SS City of Milwaukee (Manistee, Michigan)

1.4.2 Trillium (Toronto, Ontario)

1.5 Tugboats and workboats

1.5.1 Steam tug Edna G (Two Harbors, Minnesota)

1.5.2 Steam tug Ned Hanlan (Toronto)

1.5.3 United States Army tug LT-5 (Oswego, New York)

1.5.4 United States Army Corps tug Lake Superior (Duluth, Minnesota)

1.5.5 United States Army Corps Tug Ludington (Kewaunee, Wisconsin)

1.5.6 Tug John Purves (Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin)

1.5.7 Steam tug James Whalen (Thunder Bay, Ontario)

1.6 Naval ships

1.6.1 USS Cobia (Manitowoc, Wisconsin)

1.6.2 USS Cod (Cleveland, Ohio)

1.6.3 USS Croaker (Buffalo, NY)

1.6.4 HMCS Haida (Hamilton, Ontario)

1.6.5 USS Little Rock (Buffalo)

1.6.6 LST-393 (Muskegon, Michigan)

1.6.7 USS Silversides (Muskegon)

1.6.8 USS The Sullivans (Buffalo)

1.6.9 U-boat U-505 (Chicago, Illinois)

1.7 Large government vessels

1.7.1 USCGC Acacia (Manistee, Michigan)

1.7.2 BFD Edward M Cotter (Buffalo)

1.7.3 MS Georgian Queen (Penetanguishene, Ontario)

1.7.4 CCG Alexander Henry (Kingston, Ontario)

1.7.5 USCGC Mackinaw (Mackinaw City, Michigan)

1.7.6 USCGC McLane (Muskegon, Michigan)

1.7.7 Port Huron Lightship