Great Little Ships Photo-Etched Brass Parts For Revell Flower Class Corvette

May 21, 2017
Great Little Ships Photo-Etched Brass Parts For Revell/Matchbox Flower Class Corvette 1/72nd Scale. Looking to sell all together as one big lot. It will come with the following...

• Single 20mm Oerlikon Gun ($20.00)
• 2 - 16ft Dinghy & Stowage ($30.00 each)
• 4" Mk.IX Breech Loading Gun ($60.00)
• Flower Class Corvette Depth Charge Set ($60.00)
• Flower Class Corvette Propeller and Rudder Set (NOT etched brass pewter and resin) ($30.00)
• 2 Pdr. Q.F. Mk. VIII Gun, with Bandstand and two Twin Lewis Guns ($60.00)
• Type 'C' Bridge Set ($95.00)
• Flower Class Corvette Deck and Fittings Set ($200.00)
• 3' 3"Pipe Rail Set ($13.00)
• Hedgehog Anti Submarine Weapon ($20.00)
• Flower Class Corvette Funnel and Mast Set ($43.00)

This totals $661 dollars all items are new and in there original packaging, I will ship USPS priority mail for free. Some of these are hard to find and sold out. This is definitely premium quality parts Great Little Ships makes a great product. I prefer payments through paypal if you send the money as a gift I will sell it to you for $600 flat and still ship USPS priority for free. I think that's a good value as most places charge you for shipping on each item as well as tax.