Harvey 1847 1:50

Feb 12, 2020

My first attempt at building a wooden ship. Got the deck planking done and I didn't realize I used two different types of veneer for the finished deck layer until I sprayed a clear coat on but I like it. I wanted a weathered look and it visually breaks up the deck. I used a sharpie around the edges of each plank some bled through more than others but I smeared it around giving the deck a weathered look (or that is what I am telling myself). I have a few deck spikes in places and was testing different combos. I am finding out for this scale I may just use a needle tip to mark the spikes but I wont do it everywhere, I will just randomly do about 40% just to give an illusion of deck spikes. This ship isn't going to a competition and honestly no one I know will ever notice. I made a little jig to cut the planks. Next time I do planking I'll just run full lengths and then score the divisions with a blade. to make straighter joint lines.

Those looking closely will notice the main mast hole is slightly off center. Don't ask me how I did that. I figured out a way to fix it though, instead of plugging and re drilling I just trimmed the mast where it goes into the hole to correct the offset and I will add a then strip of wood to the other side to fill the gap. With the ring around the base it will never be seen. There is still plenty of mast material as not to weaken it. Holes are drilled at a 10 degree angle as per the drawings I hope it's correct as the instructions are pretty vague.

I have the 1st layer hull planks on but I still need to put the second layer on but that comes after the gunwales are attached. (I think) Still thinking about the best way to attach the stern gunwale and how to plank it for a smooth finished look if anyone has a close up to show how the side planks meet the aft ones I'd love to see them.

Hope you enjoy my blog and any input good or bad is welcome.