Have more kits and stock than my lifetime could handle. Would like to sell some to acquire some building tools.

Sid Barras

Jun 23, 2019
Hi all. I'm attaching an inventory list of the 9 kits and stock materials I've acquired from a deceased aquaintance's family.
I'm new to wooden ship building, but have an extensive past career in plastic scale models. My ultimate goal is to sell enough surplus to acquire tools and stuff unique to wooden ship building, and to reach a "break even" point on my initial cost.
I realize that buying and selling privately carries risk to both buyer and seller, hence the existence of sites like ebay, which despite its warts, offers some security to prevent getting scammed. Therefore, I'm also interested in advice from folks around here as to how buying and selling could be done if folks around here have done it.

The word document I'm attaching lists all the kits I have plus all the stock materials I have. Everything. There are 9 kits, plus probably enough stock material to build a couple of scratch build ships. Again, not interested in selling all of it, just enough to maybe break even on my investment, and acquire some tools and vises and stuff I don't already own. I also saw a really cool keel vise incorporated into a cubby bench with drawers and stuff....