Hobbies Bonaventure

Aug 26, 2020

UK Dorset
In my introduction post I referred to having built a couple of OcCre models.
I forgot to mention the Hobbies Bonaventure that I built in 1954.
This has long gone to gather heavenly dust on the pearly bookshelf.
However, in 1994 I found a copy of the Hobbies Handbook in a paper shop so I bought it for old time's sake.
It had hardly changed since the 1954 copy that I used to drool over as a small boy.
Also in the catalogue were: Mayflower,Santa Maria,Victory, Great Harry, Bounty, Revenge and a "Tea Clipper"
I append a pictue of a pictue of the Bonaventure in lieu of the actual model.
The 'kit' contained a 1/2" solid oak board from which one cut horizontal slices of the two sides of the hull.
(hard work with a fretsaw). These then had to be glued together and carved into shape
The bulwarks were cut from a sheet of thin ply. Note the castellations. At least no deadeyes to bother with.
At least my long term memory is clearly OK. Where was I? Oh yes: the picture.Bonaventure.jpg