IYRS Book Sale

Nov 4, 2021

For any of you in the Rhode Island area, the International Yacht Restoration School in Newport is having a book sale at which they are selling off a massive private collection of books donated to the library. Lots of books on sailing, seamanship, boat building (especially yacht building), yachting history, the America's Cup, yacht registries, etc. Many of them seem to be quite rare, although I am admittedly no expert on nautical books. The book sale is going on now through 18 Dec 21 in the James Mecray Aquidneck Mill Building at 449 Thames St in Newport.

I picked up a hardbound copy of Practical Yacht Construction, which features a lot of great descriptions and diagrams and should be very useful in filling in some gaps in kit instructions.

I also got what appears to be a first edition (copyright 1935) of The History of American Sailing ships by Howard Chapelle. I grabbed it because it was only $3 and I thought there might be a book collector lurking around SOS who might be interested in it. If you might be such a person, PM and I'll pass it on for what I paid plus postage.

I also saw several first and second editions of Norman Skene's Elements of Yacht Design. I didn't pick up any of those, but if someone wants to lay hands on a copy, I'll be glad to run back out to IYRS and grab one. Same deal as American Sailing Ships: cost plus postage.

IYRS is an amazing place. Contrary to the name, they offer classes in all aspects of boat design, construction, and repair. And, of course, everywhere you look there are wooden ship models, new and old. If you ever come to Newport, it's definitely worth a visit.