Kroum Batchvarov - Underwater Ship Archaeologist - YouTube channel

Apr 21, 2020

New London (Connecticut)
Let me begin this topic with a little introduction.

What is it like to be a shipmodeler and the wife of an underwater ship archaeologist?! Well, my husband is a real "nightmare" for a modeler! I cannot make a mistake because I will be criticized. Of course, I can always ask before starting work if my thoughts are correct. But to a question that can be answered Yes or No - I get a 40-minute lecture before I hear Yes or No (this is probably a professorial quality)... Another quality that is inherent in scientists - archaeologists confirm or deny only facts that are confirmed in evidence artifacts or archival documents.

And now what is this topic about: Having such a treasure at home in the form of my husband's knowledge and his collection of books, documentation and archaeological reports from the wrecks of real ships - I can't help but share it. I will definitely never build all these projects myself and I know how modelers are thirsty for this information. Maybe they don't even suspect the existence of this or that data, but dream of finding it, etc... I finally persuaded my husband to create a channel for modelers. He agreed to make a videos and and respond to comments and even if he does not know the answer, he will tell you exactly where to look...

So let me introduce you to professor of Maritime Archaeology Dr. Kroum Batchvarov - Underwater Ship Archaeologist
Now you can ask him directly anything you are interested in. I will make a video about the most frequently asked questions and post them here as well.