Sail & Sail Model - New Kit La Belle Poule 1780 - 1:72 scale by Sail and Sail

Oct 8, 2019


Hello Everyone.
It's been a long time since my last post. I have finished all design work. Page 9 shows the prototype and the instructions have been translated into English.
Now, I wish to introduce this kit.

This model kit has been authorized Commercial License
© National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
A Sail & Sail Model Production

Belle Poule 1780
Scale: 1/72
Length 670mm
Width 160mm
Height 145mm
French 12 Pounder Guns 5th Frigate
Advanced P.O.B. Model Kit
Full Pear timber Laser-Cut kit with multiple accessories such as high quality casting, carving, photo-etching, 3D printing, CNC parts.

New structure based on fully 3D Design. Enable to show the real hull elements with upper frames and beams. Hull and deck plankings are already shaped. Also it is possible for customers to make further upgrade work.
More than 150 Pages of Instructions/Manual with 5 sheets of drawings.
I will show more kit's details in the future. Some parts' photos have been shown in the previous pages.
And now, I want to talk about more details.

About price
The kit price is 580USD. It seems that the price is not so attractive. But I will provide 50USD discount for every SOS member. So the kit price for you - my dear SOS friends is 530USD.

530USD :D :D :D

About shipping
The kit's weight with packaging is approximately 7kg.
There are several ways of shipping. Normal Airmail, international EMS Airmail and DHL Express.
For most customers, DHL Express is the fastest shipping method. But it will be finally settled according to the Country/Region of customers.

About order
Although all the preparations have been completed, the kit's production capacity is not so large. It is estimated that the production of the first ten sets may be completed in May.
If you want to order this kit in the future, please read the following information carefully.
For SOS members:
1. PM me - Start a conversation
2. Send your information includes
Email Address;
Real name, Phone Number, Detailed Addres, City and Province, Postcode, Country/Region
Paypal Account
It's better to make your shipping address as same as Paypal address.
3. I will send an Invoice to your Paypal account. The Invoice is valid for three days. By the time you pay the Invoice, the kit will be sent immediately.
4. I will send the shipping number to you as soon as the kit is delivered. The money will be frozen by Paypal until the kit is received.

About payment
For now, the payment method is Pay by Invoice-Paypal. It's not personal transfer. Money is settled by Invoice and supervised by PayPal. It's a safer way for customers.
The Invoice includes:
Paypal and Bank fees (6% of kit+shipping)

It is my first product. I wish I could provide this kit as soon as possible for all SOS members. And I will do my best to provide better service for you.


Staff member
Apr 13, 2015

Any chance you could scale this model up to 1/64 scale ? I would buy it if you could.
Brian ,that is a lot of work,almost like s new design ,as far as my information goes ,there will be no other scale but lets see what Sail and Sail ssys