Memorial Day, and its True Meaning


Kurt Konrath
Feb 11, 2020

Oklahoma City OK
I shall start off by wishing condolences to all those who have lost a loved one in service to their country.

Today in America we celebrate a national holiday to remember and memorialize those who died while in service to our country, Memorial Day!

To some who have never served, or have had a family member who served in the armed forces of their country, it is a day off work to go to the beach and have a Barbeque with friends, to them its a glad and fun day to start the summer off.

To many of us it is a solemn day, to visit the grave sites and grave yards of those who served our country and gave their all in defense of our freedom.

The United States is not alone in this remembrance, we as many other nations have separate days to mourn out lost and days to remember those who served and have survived.

In many countries as well as the US, November 11, is a National Day of Remembrance, based on the original Armistice Day from WWI, the day when the treaty to end WWI went into effect.

Other countries have separate days, Anzac Day, Martyr's Day, National Unity Day are a few observed on different days in different countries.

To quote an old saying "All gave some, Some Gave ALL!"

May the Almighty Father of your faith, bring comfort to your family on this Memorial Day.

Kurt E. Konrath
Master Sargant, Retired
United States Air Force
Jan 9, 2013

WELL S.AID KURT, WELL SAID, my DAD SERVED IN WW2, in his latter years hen had PTSD before there was PTSD, he was in the ARMY AIR FORCE BURMA, lost for 10 days, spent one year in the VA HOSPITAL WALTTBURRY S.C. i too served 7 years total active duty and reserves, GOD BLESS ALL WHO SERVED MAY THIS COUNTRY BE WORTHY OF THEM. GOD BLESS STAY SAFE Don