message for J norton

I now realize where this message came from, based on the name on the barn. Let me know what images you want, and I can send them along. My sons and I were just in Ireland. If I had received your request a month ago, we could have stopped by and shared the images in person!
"If my children are grown and happy; if my grandchildren light up when they see me; if I’m healthy and financially secure; if I’m reasonably satisfied with what I’ve accomplished; if I feel more comfortable now because I no longer have to prove myself — then the loss of youth is a fair trade-off. We should all make peace with aging."
very nice indeed Seamus107. there's nothing wrong with aging. it's part of life. so many people worry about getting old but i see it as an achievement. the older you get the prouder one should be. to successfully navigate ones-self through many years of life is not easy, so i say "the older you are the more you have lived", simple. :) as far as i'm concerned the older i get, the better i've done.