Neeltje Jacoba, Dutch vessel of type 'Vollenhovense Bol'

Jan 12, 2021

Hi everyone,

I started my first scratch build a few weeks ago. I'm using old drawings from Constructo to build the Neeltje Jacoba, a Dutch vessel of type 'Vollenhovense Bol'. The word 'Vollenhoven' refers to a village in The Netherlands. The kit is no longer in production (I think), but I made it over 25 years ago at age 16, and kept the drawings. Some images are below. The vessel really exists, and if I'm right then this website has some pictures of it.

I usually make a lot of pictures during the build, but this time I went for a different approach: I'm recording it on video, and put it on Youtube. Episode 1 is now live. :) I'll keep you posted here on the progress. Feedback is welcome of course, either here or on Youtube. And, I'll be grateful for anyone who wants to subscribe to the channel, of course. The video is in Dutch, but the automatically translated English subs are good enough to follow the progress. Have fun! [Edit: apparently I can just embed the video here]