New Stuff About La Renommee/HMS Renown

All I get is a page of none relevant ads!
Recusant closed the page short time ago, he mentioned this closing some time ago.
I suggest, that you write @Recusant a PM Personal Message - I am pretty sure, that he wills end you a version of the pdf
Pugwash: So sorry, I closed down that website a week ago. It had fulfilled its purpose. However, most of the information can now be gotten by going to my author's website -
Download the PDF booklet called La Renommée: Story of a French Frigate. It's full of history, commanders, construction and other information about la Renommée. Also, check out the excerpt from the book, The Ship's Carpenter, a historical nautical novel that features la Renommée's adventures.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. Enjoy the free PDF booklet.
Happy reading,