New to wood models and chose the Artisania Latina Bluenose ll kit 20500 to start with

May 14, 2024

Good morning. New to this forum and new to wood models. I've built plastic since I was a kid and decided I wanted to try a new type of modeling. As I said in the title, I bought a Bluenose ll kit in a model store because it was literally the only wood ship they had (they were mostly an aviation store) and I found it seems to be a good ship to start on. The box was open, but the two styrofoam piece holders and the planking were still plastic wrapped. However, the main build sheets were not and I think I am missing a sheet. I already noticed right at opening of the box that the .8MM thread is missing, which I have already replaced from Hobby Lobby. At some point, I will sit down and go through the inventory list and the plans to verify every piece, but I was hoping that someone else who has the model could take a pic of the laser cut sheets for me or at least give me the part numbers from the sheets, please? I have the bulwarks and main deck pieces. I also have the sheet with part #25 and the sheet with part #107 on them. I know AL has a part order form to get replacements from and even though I know the model is discontinued, I hope I can still get replacements. If not, scratch build it is, but it would be nice to know exactly what I'm missing. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I've been looking through the forum and you guys are truly masters at what you do. Some of these builds are incredible. I've already learned a lot from just browsing. I attached a pic of what I have already.
Also, I read somewhere someone said they used pinstriping for the white and yellow stripes. I really don't want to try and paint those. I'm good but not that good. If anyone knows where I can purchase the striping, I would appreciate that, too. Thank you.

Welcome aboard! I also had a long experience with plastic models. Many of the tools are the same, but the techniques are very different. The Bluenose 2 is definitely a beautiful ship. If I may suggest, try something simpler before you tackle such a project. I did the model expo 3 ship shipwright series and I am glad I did.

A series of three more complex ships. you will practice many techniques that you will be using for the Bluenose. You can also buy each separately. If you finish the first, the grand banks dory and sent them a picture of it they will credit you account the cost of the dory. There are also many build guides here and on the model ship world site that will be incredibly helpful. There are also hundreds of you tube videos to peruse.

Of course all the kind suggestions of the wonderful people here are the icing on the cake.
Thank you for the advice and the resources. I will look into the combo kit. It looks pretty good. I've also been reading through KurtFink's thread on his build of the bluenose. I've been reading for a while now about rigging and planking techniques, but reading through his thread I've found some great resources, too. I'm looking forward to spending a LOT more time on this site. Thanks!
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also from my side a warm welcome here on board of our forum

It is not the kit of your manufacturer, but you will find a lot of information about the original Bluenose and you get some impressions of how Bluenose models can look like
Somehow concentrated Bluenose knowledge:

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I think you could find some info here:

Click link instructions and downloads and the first one, HTC, contains what I think you are asking for.
You should have sheets in walnut also.
Maybe you could use a good copy-machine and scale up the drawing, you could try and measure on the parts you have to see if it works.
That's exactly what I'm looking for. Thank you very much. Holy cow, I'm missing a LOT of parts. I hope AL has them. I'd hate to scratch build all of them. Thank you!!!