Ragusian Galley by Don Robinson - MarisStella


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Sep 7, 2017

Prince Albert,Saskatchewan, Canada
This will be my build log for the MarisStella Ragusian Galley. This kit has recently gone through some upgrades most notably is the new 83 page book of isometric drawings showing in detail all steps of the build. Also new to the kit is some photo etch and material for spacer blocks for in between the bulkheads,
I will try and make this log a detailed one so that if anyone wanting to build this will have something to follow and guide them limited, of course, to my own skills!;)
I did not receive this kit in a box as such as MarisStella is in the process of having new more colourful boxes made, however, I did steal a picture from their website showing the old box and contents;


This is an example of the illustrations showing completed model

Here is a picture of the old box and contents. The plans in this picture are laying on top of the one billet hiding 2/3 of it. Add to this picture a illustration/instruction book, some 8 mm x 8 mm stock for spacers and a sheet of photo etch and you would have the contents of the new kit.
Throughout the build I will include screenshots of the illustrations and plans for you to better understand the process.

Here we are about to glue together pieces 1, 2, and 3 to form the keel. Be sure to dry fit pieces before gluing and make any adjustments before gluing.

Pieces glued and clamped to a flat surface

Here pieces #4 have been glued to both sides, the pieces of the keel (1,2,3) have the positions of these pieces marked on them

Bulkhead #6 is in place, Take care to have a good square snug fit on all bulkheads. It is important that the top of the bulkheads are flush with the top of the keel. Note the overhang at the bottom, this is what we want do not start fairing and sand this off.

Here is a shot of more bulkheads being installed. You can see how the bottom of each bulkhead is notched and overhang the keel. This will serve later to hold the false keel straight and perfectly centred on the keel, so again do not be alarmed at this and do not sand these off. This is another innovation of MarisStella"s that is going to be of great help later on in the build.

Here is the model with bulkheads and spacer bars installed. The bars are 8 mm square for those without, some 3/8" square stock will work fine. The bars act not only to give strength to the structure but also help to keep things square, as I will show later. If you look close you see part of the false keel is in place, those little overhangs hold it in place without any glue!

The bow

and the stern. Notice the false keel in place and how the bulkheads are fitting to it.

Here you can see a slight gap which is saying that the keel is not perfectly square and is out by almost a mm. I know this is a true reading as I have been squaring and blocking all bulkheads as I have moved along. Slight warping such as this can be expected when working with wood so do not be alarmed as it is repairable.

Now after a spacer block was added it is perfectly square. This process should be done for every bulkhead in order to achieve a straight keel and square bulkheads.

Next up is the stern post, I have it's position highlighted on the plan. Before gluing to the stern take time to do some dry fitting and adjusting if required. Make sure you dry fit to the corresponding piece of the false keel, shown below the highlighted area. You want the stern post to fit flat against the stern and also the bottom piece of false keel to fit tight against the bottom of the keel. There will be a tiny gap at the bend of the keel, this is normal and is actually shown in the plans above, planking will cover this area so do not worry yourself about this.
That is it for today so you can all wake up now and carry on, hopefully it was not too boring for you.
Thanks for dropping in


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Jan 9, 2013

Hi Don, and all, I have the old version of this kit I really love it, but my skill level could not do it before, but I am ready to start this build wit Don R my log will not be as intensive as Dons, but I will do it from an INTERMEDIATE MODELERS standpoit, as my health and age(80) I can not drive anymore, my son-in-law takes me out twice a month so in 2 weeks I will be at the printers , and then will start in earnest, will follow Dons build very closely and if he does not mind will ask many questions, thanks to this GREAT FORUM AND ALL THE MEMBERS WHO MAKE UP A SPECIAL BOND. Don Farr


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Sep 7, 2017

Prince Albert,Saskatchewan, Canada
Good morning all, thanks for all the comments likes and visits.
Some more progress to show:

This is what is going to be accomplished

Stern post being installed

Pieces 20.1 and 20.2 in place

Filler blocks

Final shaping done on filler blocks, stern are complete

Support brackets for the aft bulkhead

Aft bulkhead planked with 1.5 x 5 mm strips

Fitting the mast step to a dowel

Mast step installed and a trial fit with mast

Bow filler blocks installed and shaped IMG_3769.JPG
The supports and stern bulkhead in place

Planking has begun. The stern at this point required lots of bending to wrap around the transom, also garboard and the next stare are installed. Final sanding still required.
That's it for now and we'll see you soon!