recommendation on Netflix show -street food featuring a Peruvian chef who also builds ship models

Apr 20, 2020

Dear Friends
As we all know our love for building models also stems from the happiness caused to us as a result of the creative process.
In my opinion, food preparation also has a complex creative process, at the end of which we serve the food in the hope that The diners will fall in love with it due to its taste and appearance.
In addition to building models I really like to cook and also see TV shows on cooking. It can be street food and also good restaurants.
Netflix has a two-season series on street food, the first from Asia and the second in South America.
The fourth chapter is dedicated to street food in Lima, the capital of Peru. And there many minutes are set aside for a tiny restaurant called "El Toka Paz" by the chef Tomas / Toshi Matufuhi.
This is a special guy with an interesting life story who among other things is also a doctor of chemistry who studied in England. After graduating he returned to Peru and prepares amazing street food based on ceviche, mixing between Peruvian and Japanese food.
I will not tell you everything about it to allow you to enjoy the program, but at about the sixth minute you see Toshi sitting in his house building a model of a ship.
When I saw him in these moments peaceful and focused on the construction process, I remembered the connection between the world of model building and food creation, in which we try to enjoy the process and the result together.
In short friends recommend watching, and enjoying life whether in building models, good food, a good TV show / movie and everything that makes us good atour heart