S>S>Great Britain original mizzen mast details 1843

May 6, 2020

Melrose, Scotland
EDIT: Contrary to the thread title, this mast is from either the 1851 refit when the ship was converted from a steamship to a 3-masted sailing vessel or from the 1881 efit as a sailing coal-carrier. I am unclear whether the masts were replaced in the latter.

The original mizzen mast of this ship is on display here in the Falkland Islands. It was left here when the bulk of the hulk was shipped back to UK for restoration in 1970. I thought it might be useful to someone to record some of it. I think it has snapped off at deck level.
A square baulk of timber in the centre with four curved sections fixed to the flats and four right-angle fillets filling the corners:_SC_1387.jpg

The nails holding the outside parts on pass through 'dowels' into the centre mass.
DSC_1388 (2).jpg

Joints in the sections of casing were covered by iron bands.
DSC_1389 (2).jpg

DSC_1390 (2).jpg

Interior of damaged / rotted end at level of cheeks.

DSC_1394 (2).jpg

Cheeks for mizzen top
DSC_1396 (2).jpg

Futtock band and stay bullseye attachment or yard sling band?

DSC_1397 (2).jpg

Band of cleats above deck level

DSC_1398 (2).jpg

DSC_1401 (2).jpgDSC_1402 (2).jpg
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