Scratchbuilding Merchant Sailing Ships, A Dying Art


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Jun 30, 2012

Great Britain
Scratchbuilding Merchant Sailing Ships, A Dying Art
For those who may be interested in the building of miniature sailing vessels, I have made available the download Scratchbuilding Merchant Sailing Ships, A Dying Art. This download is 30 pages in length, and is illustrated by 48 colour images pertaining to miniature sailing ship models, usually 32 feet to 1 inch, (1:384). This download has a small nominal charge. By clicking this link: you are not committed to purchase, but may read the full synopsis (scroll down a bit after the front page appears). Should you then wish to purchase a download, a Paypal button for £2.49 is provided below the front page image, on the right hand side. I have produced quite a number of similar downloads over the past two years, and they are proving extremely popular. If you would like a FREE sample, here is a link to a build log for the barque East African. Only a few modellers have actually tried this type of modelling, but I am pleased to say, they have all produced commendable results.
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