Thames Barge 'SAGE'

Mar 27, 2020

I haven't posted a build log before so I thought that I would try. I built this barge some years ago, it was only my third model. I found that I had some 300 progress shots of the build stored on my computer however I have now edited that down to 25P1040235.JPGP1040241.JPGP1040296.JPGP1040297.JPGP1040299.JPGP1040323.JPGP1040548.JPGP1040549.jpgP1040550.JPGP1040557.JPGP1040563.JPGP1040566.JPGP1040570.JPGP1040572.JPGP1040673.JPGP1040549.jpgP1040704.JPGP1040573.JPGIMG_0304.jpgP1040817.JPGIMG_0355.JPGP1040846.JPGP1040887.JPGIMG_0380.JPGP7190456.jpg.
This model came from a Traplet wood pack that gave me the frames for the hull only, after that I was on my own with just the drawings, however there was an excellent DVD describing the build which I found most useful.
The design is based on an original well known actual barge called 'Veronica'
The model requires a false weighted keel and a rudder extension in order to sail, it does sail OK although rather slowly which is probably appropriate for a barge
This being only my third attempt at a ship model allowed me to make heaps of mistakes and I took some licence with accuracy in the detail department. I omitted the braille winches, canvas covers to the hatches, proper blocks etc, however I really enjoyed the process of the build and on finding a photo of an actual barge sailing I was pleased to see (if you don't look too closely) how similar my model looked.
Sage is named after a grand daughter and will belong to her when I pass over the Bar, the transom which is usually the only decorated part of a working barge has a pair Botanical Sage plant drawings applied