The "Real" HMS Victory


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Aug 21, 2011

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I will post many HMS Victory models to choose from. Ok, so why the HMS Victory. I am choosing this model as it is always has been somewhat of a favorite for all, from Kids, to Adults. From Wooden to Plastic, and even Paper Stock.

It has been brought to my attention a few times of latest rhetoric and grandiloquence about piracy and keep it real, etc.

So, back to this point of "Real" - Here I present with many "versions" as I have read one person put it on another forum. Due to the privacy, I will not post the link to that topic to protect someones innocence.........Piracy has now been replaced with "versions". However, I guess as to the author or writer, it is convenient to use the term that best fits their drama.

So, without further delay, here are some HMS Victories to choose from as you can see their are so many "versions". (really ?) versions / piracy.......piracy / versions.... getting dizzy here.

But just don't let any of these step on anyone's toes, then it becomes Piracy - Oh my, or is it versions.... !!!

Oh, so if you want to see the "Real" HMS Victory, it is parked at the

Address: Main Rd, Portsmouth PO1 3LJ, UK
Length: 227′
Construction started: July 23, 1759

Below are the MODELS of it (...and to show that I am not partial to any, at some point, I will choose one of these to build and to buy for my personal enjoyment - )

WOODEN -------------

HMS Victory
DeAgostini Subscription Build
A post from DeAgonstini
Difference between the Deagostini and Artesania Latina HMS Victory
The DeAgostini kit is based on the original AL design which is where it ends. It has many improvements
in terms of accuracy content, the wood content is similar.

HMS Victory
Billing Boats Item # B498

HMS Victory
Caldercraft HMS Victory 1781 1:72 Scale

HMS Victory
Corel Model Ships Item # SM101
Corel Model Ships Item # SM23

HMS Victory
Mamoli Item # MV56
Mamoli Item # MM12 1:350
Mamoli Item # MV27 (Vintage)

HMS Victory
Artesania Latina Item # AL22900

HMS Victory
Mantua / Sergal Item # 782 1:78 Scale

HMS Victory
Mantua / Panart Item # 738

HMS Victory
Constructo 1:94

HMS Victory
Mantua Item # MM776

Amati Victory in 1/64

we can't leave out those China folks either. It seems they got into the act as well !
HMS Victory
4h model China Scale 1:72

HMS Victory
ZHL Scale 1:72

If you don't like wooden, then here are some Plastic ones -- YaY !!
PLASTIC -------------
HMS Victory
Heller Frabrique en France

HMS Victory
Revell / Monogram Item # 80-5408 (Plastic)
Revell Item # 05408 (Plastic)
Revell Item # 05819 (Plastic)

HMS Victory
Lindberg Item #70892 1/500 (Plastic)

HMS Victory
Airfix Item # A50049 (Plastic)

HMS Victory
Entex Item # 8216 (Plastic)

HMS Victory
UPC Models Kit #5016 (Plastic)

...and lastly, if you really want something different here are a few papers ones too !
PAPER --------------
HMS Victory
Model Kartonowy Poland
Cardboard Paper Model Scale 1:96 (paper)

HMS Victory
Maly Modelarz PAPER CARD MODEL MM 2012 (paper)

HMS Victory
The National Museum
HMS Victory Ship Boat Paper+EPS Foam