Planset review THE SHIP’S LONGBOAT 1680-1780" / "LA CHALOUPE DES VAISSEAUX de 1680-1780" by Jean Claude Lemineur


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Dec 25, 2017

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This is a copy of the report of my Rochefort visit in which I showed the the following post you can find the planset review I made

Unfortunately only one photo of the LA CHALOUPE DES VAISSEAUX de 1680-1780 / THE SHIP’S LONGBOAT 1680-1780 built in scale 1:24 by Henri Defresne
The monographie is available from ancre, drawings by J.C. Lemineur - I got a copy, so I will make a planset-review in next time



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Dec 25, 2017

Vienna, Austria
Planset Review:

Scale 1:24

by Jean Claude Lemineur
Translated by François Fougerat

IMG_14361.jpg IMG_14371.jpg

Planset / Monographie is available from ancre in english, french, italian or spanish language

I have the english copy of the planset and will show the content in the following


In monographs, ships boats are generally considered as simple elements of a ship's furniture and are not the object of any special attention.
In his book about the 74-gun ship of 1780, Jean Boudriot included a description of the longboat, but did not go into great detail because it was not the central subject of his book.
The longboat was really the all-around servant in a vessel : carrying supplies, moving anchors, carrying water when in campaign, carrying landing parties in coastal raids, transporting officers and VIP's, towing when becalmed, and many other tasks.
The longboat may be adapted to all these missions but no drawing has shown it in these various situations until now.
ANCRE publishers wished to fill this need by offering to interested fans a study which, without being exhaustive, covered all aspects of the subject. The study proposed by J-C. Lemineur is centered on a 36-foot longboat. This length is that of a master longboat arming first-rate vessels in the 17th century, such as L'AMBITIEUX of 1680, but also 18th century 74-gun ships whose dimensions had increased over the years.
A lack of evolution resulted in its preserving its structural characteristics over a period from 1680 to about 1780.
The boat's construction and the details of the framing are described in the book, as well as the four different types of rigging used in the French Royal Navy : the square rig, the lug rig, spritsail rig, and lateen rig.
It is shown both under sail and under oars, or as a ceremonial boat. It may be configured at will according to anybody's taste and may lead to many different personnalized models.
The present monograph provides descriptions about anchor handling by longboats, in particular anchoring and moving second bower anchors, and finally their loading aboard ship and their launching.
The text is complemented by six 3-dimentional illustrations showing these maneuvers, something that will help modelers design dioramas.
Chapter 4 adds a thoroughly commented photographic coverage of the start of the construction and the early steps in the construction of a model by two modelers, each describing a different method for the frame construction.
It is possible to build the model at three different scales : 1/24, 1/36 (plates in the pamphlet and one 23x92 cm plate) and 1/48 5 plates in the pamphlet).

Size of the model in scale 1:24

IMG_14381.jpg IMG_14391.jpg

IMG_14401.jpg IMG_14411.jpg


The booklet

Translated by François Fougerat

The role and physical aspect of longboats
The role and physical aspect of small boats
Number of thwarts according to length
Boat allotment on ships of the French Royal Navy
Types of rig on ships' boats
Square rig, lug rig, spritsail rig, lateen rig.
Boat length according to ships rates
Boat length according to ships hull lines
Number of thwarts, masts and rowing style according to length
Boat allotment on ships of the French Royal Navy
Dimensions of masts and yards according to rig type
II Explanations of the 15 plates (plates reduced to the 1/38 and 1/48 scales)
Comments on plates concerning the boat´s construction
Notes on the plates concerning the different rigs
III Handling of the anchors and of the longboat
loading the hawser and the second bower anchor prior to anchoring
loading and carrying the kedge anchor
The longboat is hauled to the second bower anchor site
The longboat returns with the kedge anchor
Dragging and lifting the second bower anchor
Hoisting and launching the longboat
Rigging to support the yards
IV Model Construction
Start of construction of a model according to Henri Defresne’s method
Start of construction of a model according to Franco Fissore’s method

IMG_14421.jpg IMG_14431.jpg

IMG_14441.jpg IMG_14451.jpg

IMG_14461.jpg IMG_14471.jpg

IMG_14481.jpg IMG_14491.jpg

IMG_14501.jpg IMG_14511.jpg


The Monographie with 15 plates


Pl. 1 Schematic lines plan
Pl. 2 Elevation view – plan view – body plans
Pl. 3 Longitudinal section – plan view – body plan
Pl. 4 Perspective view detailing the assembly of the stem and stern to the keel
Pl. 5 Profile of forward frames
Pl. 6 Profile of after frames
Pl. 7 Square rig (92x61 cm)
Pl. 8 lug rig (92x61 cm)
Pl. 9 spritsail rig (92x61 cm)
Pl. 10 lateen rig (92x61 cm)
Pl. 11 Perspective view of the longboat with lateen rig (69x61 cm)
Pl. 12 Perspective view of the longboat under oars and with its canopy
Pl. 13 Ceremonial longboat
Pl. 14 Furniture
Pl. 15 Detail of the rigs at the 1/36 scale

IMG_14531.jpg IMG_14541.jpg

IMG_14551.jpg IMG_14561.jpg

IMG_14571.jpg IMG_14581.jpg

Final Comment:

If you want to built a boat in big scale of 1:24, it is a very good starting point for a beginner or intermediate scratch built - in this scale a very good possibility to work in details.
Or as an additional information if you want to built the boats for a 1:48 frigate or ship of the line - you are getting all detailed information and plans to make this models accurate.
Especially very helpfull and useful, due to the fact, that the different possibilities of the rigging is shown in all aspects - so you can prepare the model with square or lug rig, spritsail or lateen rigged.
This drawing set is very helpful and represent a complete documentation of this kind of boats -> for this special purpose a highly recommended publication


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