USS Kidd DD-661, a construction detail?

Sep 6, 2012

South Florida
I am in the process of building a late WWII version of the USS Kidd. The basic kit is Trumpeter's USS The Sullivans, DD-527. This project has accumulated quite a bit of scratch built details, PE aftermarket, and parts from other builds.

With all the references available I'm letting myself constantly find details that are not in the kit and are a great challenge to duplicate. I have not been able to locate a picture or other source that will clarify my current configuration question.

The kit shows two inclined ladders mounted on the main deck (100 I think) terminating on the next level just outside of the flag bags on the navigation bridge. I replaced the kit pieces with PE. Then I found a picture showing an inclined ladder to the starboard side of the main mast that originates at top of the deck house and terminates at the navigation bridge level. The picture is on page 27 of "USS Kidd, On Deck" (Squadron/Signal). I can't tell if there are two ladders (basic kit) or three.
If anyone can clarify how the inclined ladders are configured, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for your time, Harley