Valid Email Addresses


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Aug 21, 2011

Madison, MS
At this time, and future: Ships of Scale will not allow invalid, bad, or non existent email addresses. Users that have a bad, invalid, or non existent email address will not be able to paricipate on the forums. There are no exceptions.

(i) A valid email address must be able to receive emails from in order for you to receive "your" Thread Notifications, The Weekly Digest, and other important emails and notices. Also, if you have a valid email address, but it is forwarded to an invalid email, that can cause problems too. It would be unfortunate, but if Admin detects an email address that is bad, invalid, no longer in use, we will have to place your account on hold (or banned) until it is remedied.

(ii) I know this might seem harsh, but reality these things cause unnecessary errors in our server and creates a lot of time of Administrator troubleshooting problems. We realize that for some, you wish to opt out of receiving emails from SOS, and that is perfectly understandable, and we wish for that to be that way to respect your privacy.

(iii) However, having a working email and opting out of email is quite different from not having a working email and remaining on the list. If you think that you "should" be getting emails and you are not, then please check your spam folder or contact your ISP (internet service provider) and make sure that can pass through your email system. Some members use and office360 which is also causing a lot of problems. Please contact your ISP to make sure our email address will pass your ISP.

(iv) Lastly, if you change your email address, then please login and at your username at top of screen, you can click for the drop down menu and from there you can change your email address. If you have difficulty with this, we have other moderators and admins always available to help you with this. This is very important.

Donald B. Driskell
Founder / Admin