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Good Morning Mike,
I am having issues getting to the Blandford pdf files. Would you be able to resend me the Blanford access page information? Many thanks in advance.

Hello Donnie,
I've finally retired and want to start the Blandford build. I am currently using my wife's laptop in order to acces the files but I am receiving a page not found message. Were the files updated and sent to a new site? How will I be able to access them? Would you be so kind as to resend me another link in order to retrieve them? Many thanks in advance.

Le fichier de découpe est un pdf en format A4 au 48ème à imprimer aux dimensions originales.
send massage??
I agree to all of your terms however, I am a little short on some of your build log requirements. I am actively engaged in model ship building. My web site is I do post a few build logs on it. If you feel that I meet your requirements, please forward me a link to the plans as I would like to try my hand at building a section and will post my build log on SOS.
Perfect, just that before I have to finish the Bounty
I'm working on the Bluenose 1 right now
Retired research editor for National Geographic magazine. Longtime model builder, reader of maritime history and fiction. Currently building plastic models of steam vessels, small sailing vessels. Always looking to learn.
Retired Navy 1975 to 1995, AMS1 (Aviation Structural Mechanic) E6: Building model since I was 6, mostly plastics and r/c aircraft. Have several wooden ship kits, but have not gotten very deep into them YET!
Currently building De'Agostini HMS Victory cross section and Rye Field Models 1/35 Panther Ausf.G Early/Late w/full interior. (The one with the clear plastic turret and top hull)
I bought it a couple of years ago and by the time I paid shipping, etc. it was about 510 dollars.
Hi Don, Happy birthday and well wishes to you Don, Have not seen you posting much lately hope all is well, are you continuing the Maristeela Galley build I am waithing till after christmas to start mine, looking foreward toyour building log. THANKS Don Farr
hello...just found you amazing post......but i'm confused....what happened.....suddenly stopped...or did i miss something?...thanks for you time....vic
What post Victor, I have several,
Best regards John,