Completed Models Showcase [1] . . . [22]

Completed Models Showcase Entries: Kit and Scratch Builds, Dioramas, Aircraft, Military, and Cars, and more are welcome!

The Completed Models Showcase 1
Please write a Private Message with attached images to Donnie to add your ship. Click on images below.
Hannah in Bottle
Shere Kahn
Image of HMS Bounty
HMS Bounty
Danny Vadas
Image of JS Schooner
Port Schooner
Dave Brittain
Image of HMS Victory
HMS Victory
Danny Vadas

Image of Carmina
Gamella Carmina
Shere Kahn
Image of San Francisco
San Francisco II
Image of San Juan
San Juan Nepomuceno
Imageof Lady Nelson
Lady Nelson
Ray Smith

Image of Granado
H.M Granado
Glenn Barlow
Image of Bonretour
Bon Retour
Wim Steensma
Image of MS Paddle Steamer
King of Mississippi
Wim Steensma
Image of Fair American
Lauck Street SY Fair American
Glenn Barlow

Image of Armed Virginia Sloop
Model Shipways Virginia Sloop
Mike Schroeder
Image of HMS Surprise
Artesania Latina HMS Surprise
Image of Syren
Topsail Schooner
Bob DeWoody
Image of Nantucket
Nantucket Light Vessel (WLV-613)
Mike Maynard USCG(RET)

Image of French 74 Gun
French74 Gun Ship
Dmitry Shevelev
Image of Halifax
Lauck Street SY HMS Halifax
Jeffrey Comitalo
Image of Agamemnon
Caldercraft HMS Agamemnon
Jeffrey Comitalo
Image of Golden Star
Mantua Golden Star
Jan Havel

Image of HMS Victory
Mantua HMS Victory
Karen Melkonyan
Image of HMS Fly
Victory Models HMS Fly
Andrew Dorey
Image of King of Mississippi
Artesania Latina King of Mississippi
Frank Piscatella
Image of Altair
Constructo Altair Scottish Yacht
Ivan Brstilo

Image of Collection Icon 1
Merchant Ship Collection Page 1
Bob Wilson
Image of Collection Icon 2
Merchant Ship Collection Page 2
Bob Wilson
Image of Collection Icon 3
Merchant Ship Collection Page 3
Bob Wilson
Image of Collection Icon 4
Merchant Ship Collection Page 4
Bob Wilson

Image of Collection Icon 5
Merchant Ship Collection Page 5
Bob Wilson
Image of Swift
Artesania Latina Swift
Bill Pittman
Image of Sanson
Artesania Latina Sanson
Roman Roganov
Image of Pirate Junk
Amati Chinese Junk
Wim Steensma

Image of Trabakul
Ivan Radoševic'
Image of Dana
Billings Boats Dana
Håkan Skogstjärna
Image of Oseberg
Billing Boats Oseberg
Jesper Nielsen
Image of Pegasus
Glenn Barlow

Image of Fair Rosamond
Occre Fair Rosamond
Jim Morris
Image of Oseberg
Billing Boats Oseberg "720"
David Rosenblatt
Image of San Francisco
Artesania Latina San Francisco
Image of Golden Hind
Mamoli Golden Hind
Desert Sailor