black prince

  1. Brewbrarian

    First Build: Black Prince (1775) Colonial Schooner - Mamoli - 1:57 - Double Plank on Bulkhead

    This is my very first build, but I have always had a fascination with tall ships and the age of sail. I started building the Black Prince a few years back, and then it got put in storage after a move. I found myself in need of some tools to continue, but I recently jumped back in. I've dug it...
  2. teleman

    Mamoli Black Prince to the "Lady Kathrine" 1:57 Completed

    Since I added my completed model to the completed model section, I thought I would the build log I started in 2012 to it. Hello my friends, I have a little time tonight to let you all know that I will be re-doing my Black Prince from Mamoli. I built her per the plans about 13yrs ago. I was...