charles w. morgan

  1. Bluebeard

    Kit review Charles W. Morgan Whaling Bark 1:64 scale - Model Shipways

    Most of you guys know this fact but let me just start with a brief history according to MS. The Morgan was originally built fully-rigged, but right after the Civil War she was modified to become a double top sail bark. Her wailing days came to an end 1921 with the decline whale oil prices. She...
  2. David Lester

    Charles W. Morgan by David Lester - Model Shipways - 1/64 scale [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hello Everyone, This is my first posting at SOS forum. I have joined as the result of the encouragement of a couple of my online friends and look forward to meeting new online acquaintances here. I am well along in my build of the CWM, so I'll post a few pictures at this time to bring you up to...